Output Characteristics

Vanguard 355-2500 Vanguard 355-350 Vanguard 532-2000
Wavelength 355 nm 355 nm 532 nm
Power 2.5 W 350 mW 2 W
Repetition Rate 80 MHz ±2 MHz
Spatial Mode TEM00
M2 <1.2 <1.2 <1.3
Far Field Divergence, full angle <1 mrad
Beam Diameter (1/e²) 1.0 mm nominal 1.0 mm nominal 1.4 mm nominal
Beam Pointing Stability <25 µrad/°C
Beam Ellipticity <20% far field
Average Power Stability <2%
Amplitude Noise <1% rms, 10 Hz to 2 MHz
Polarization Ratio >100:1 vertical
Cold Turn-on Time (AC off to full power) <30 min
Cold Turn-on Time (AC off to full specs) <1 hr
Temperature Range 20-27°C
Laser Head Cooling Water cooled Air cooled


  1. Due to our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice.
  2. Vanguard is a Class IV - High-Power Laser, whose beam is, by definition, a safety and fire hazard. Take precautions to prevent exposure to direct and reflected beams. Diffuse as well as specular reflections can cause severe skin or eye damage.


Compatible Power Sensors

To verify and analyze the output power of your Vanguard laser, we recommend the Ophir 3A-PF-12 (7Z02720) thermal power sensor and Centauri laser power meter.  Additional information on this laser measurement equipment can be found on the ophiropt.com website.  Other Ophir sensors and meters may also be suitable for the Vanguard, depending on application. Ophir also works with laser system developers to achieve embedded beam diagnostics to monitor system performance as an OEM solution.