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Strong Innovation Capacity, Strong Growth

Spectra-Physics® is a globally successful high-tech company developing and producing highly developed ultrafast lasers at its Rankweil facility. Since its beginnings in 1999, the company that was founded as High Q Laser GmbH has been focusing on innovative strength and products with excellent quality. This is borne out by numerous scientific publications and many globally registered patents as well as the firm's rapid growth. Just 10 years after the company's foundation the original vision could be achieved: to become Europe's leading manufacturer of ultrafast lasers.

In order to continue its growth, the company became part of Spectra-Physics in 2011, the world's most experienced laser manufacturer. As the first manufacturer of industrial lasers, Spectra-Physics has been at the forefront of innovative laser technology for over 50 years. In addition, as part of the Newport Corporation – the leading global photonics supplier – Spectra-Physics Rankweil belongs to an established network that strengthens its innovative capacity and thereby supports further growth.

What We Stand For

Whether repairing individual screen pixels, producing an implant, or performing surgery on a human eye – Spectra-Physics customers all over the world trust in the absolute precision and top quality of our ultrafast laser systems, at any time. This is the only way to ensure that delicate materials and very fine structures can be perfectly processed. Reliability and innovative, customer-oriented product solutions are the reasons why the manufacturers of equipment for industrial production and scientific research, or for medical products opt for lasers by Spectra-Physics. The manufacture of our ultrafast lasers is subject to exacting quality standards and is carried out in ISO 5 (class 100) clean rooms in accordance with quality assurance standards.

Our wide-ranging international after sales service is another success factor. The worldwide presence of Newport Corporation features 16 production facilities and an international network of direct sales and service points in the world's most important production regions. This is an established network that provides top service and reliable support in close proximity to the customers of Spectra-Physics.