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New ultrafast amplifiers integrate acquired capabilities of former Femtolasers

Santa Clara, CA – February 16, 2016 – Spectra-Physics® introduces new robust, high performance ultrafast amplifier systems that integrate capabilities from the acquisition of the former Femtolasers last year. The new Element™ seeded Spitfire® Ace™ utilizes an ultrashort pulse oscillator, delivers high energy (up to >15 mJ), and can be synchronized with industry-leading low jitter (<100 fs) to an external source, including synchrotrons, free electron lasers and other ultrafast lasers. The Kaleidoscope™ hollow fiber compressor pumped with Spitfire Ace or Solstice® Ace generates few-cycle pulses (<7 fs FWHM) with up to >0.6 mJ output pulse energy. These new systems are ideal for high harmonic generation, terahertz generation, multidimensional spectroscopy, and other advanced ultrafast science applications.

“Our new offerings combine the best ultrafast technologies of Spectra-Physics and former Femtolasers to deliver robust and dependable, leading-edge performance,” says Herman Chui, senior director of product marketing at Spectra-Physics. “The new systems further extend Spectra-Physics’ #1 position in the ultrafast lasers market.”

The Element seeder is a sealed ultrafast oscillator, available in <10, 20, 50 and 100 fs configurations with broad bandwidth up to >100 nm. The optional Femtolock™ 2 allows synchronization of the Element and Spitfire Ace to an external reference to <100 fs jitter, the lowest jitter levels ever demonstrated in a commercial system. Spitfire Ace seeded with Element outputs up to >8 W or >7 mJ and down to <35 fs in regen-only and up to >16 W and >15 mJ and down to <40 fs with power amplifier (PA) configuration.

Kaleidoscope pumped with Spitfire Ace or Solstice Ace is available in few-cycle <7 fs and long pulse (LP) <30 fs versions. The Kaleidoscope LP pulse width is tunable from <30 fs to the input pulse duration from the amplifier. The complete hollow core fiber setup has a throughput of >30% and accepts up to 2 mJ input, resulting in up to >0.6 mJ output.

Spectra-Physics’ Element seeded Spitfire Ace, and Kaleidoscope pumped with Spitfire Ace or Solstice Ace will be featured at SPIE Photonics West, Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, February 16-18, 2016. Please visit Spectra-Physics at Photonics West booth #1400 for a demonstration. For more information, please

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