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Founded in 1992 as a spin-out from the Technical University in Berlin, Laser Analytical Systems (LAS) was acquired by Spectra-Physics in September 2000. In the late 1990s, LAS introduced several leading-edge laser products that generated deep UV at 244 and 266 nm, respectively, using patented enhancement cavity designs targeted for the fast growing telecom market as well as high-end research applications. After the telecom market bubble, the R&D efforts were directed towards developing cost-efficient nanosecond pulsed industrial grade OEM lasers. Today, we manufacture the Explorer® laser series serving OEM customers in diverse volume applications. The Explorer product family is based on an internally developed, highly automated laser resonator alignment technology. Close collaboration with Newport colleagues enabled us to take advantage of expertise and know-how in motion control when developing this highly advanced and unique pick-and-place technology to build lasers in high volumes.

What We Stand For

We deliver ultra-compact, highly reliable and durable lasers enabling our customers to push the envelope developing smaller, lighter, yet more powerful instruments in the smallest footprint possible. With a worldwide installed base of several thousand Explorer lasers, our customer base ranges from small start-ups to large global corporations.Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We listen to customer needs and transform them into laser requirements. The high degree of automation in our manufacturing enables customized tailored specification reports. Each Explorer laser undergoes extensive test procedures and is inspected to rigorous standards that include thermal cycling and shock testing exceeding 200 g’s of acceleration. Out-of-the-box or infant failures are essentially non-existent.

The worldwide presence of Newport Corporation features numerous production facilities around the world and an international network of direct sales and service hubs. This extensive, global network provides superior service and dependable support local to our customers.

Company History

Founding of Laser Analytical Systems (LAS GmbH). Developed narrow-linewidth, low noise, tunable dye lasers for high resolution spectroscopy applications.

Introduces frequency doubler product for single frequency seed lasers to generate higher harmonics based on Hänsch/Griot Frequency Comb.

Introduces UV 266 nm CW laser product for deep UV applications.

Spectra-Physics acquires LAS GmbH.

UV 266 nm CW laser developed at Spectra-Physics Stahnsdorf wins prestigious SPIE PRISM Award.

Spectra-Physics Stahnsdorf introduces industrial grade ultraviolet (UV) diode pumped solid-state, actively Q-Switched laser.

Spectra-Physics introduces compact, actively Q-Switched Explorer® laser series delivering short pulse width and high peak power in an industry leading package.

For the fast growing thin film (TF) photovoltaic market, the Explorer 532 nm laser is introduced enabling the distributed scribing approach by integrating multiple lasers in gantry setups.

Introduces the revolutionary 5 W Explorer XP 532 nm all-in-one laser that is at least seven times smaller than any competitive product.

Spectra-Physics Stahnsdorf obtains EN ISO 9001 certification.

Ships the 1,000th Explorer OEM laser.

Introduces the 1 W Explorer XP 355 nm and Explorer One™ UV lasers at 349 and 
355 nm.

Introduces 2 W Explorer One 532 nm laser