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  • High average power (>16 W) and high pulse energy (40 µJ)
  • User adjustable repetition rate (single shot – 1 MHz)
  • Integrated pulse-picker with analog-in triggering

The Spirit® femtosecond laser is a flexible, high repetition rate one box ultrafast amplifier. With direct diode pumped technology developed by Spectra-Physics, Spirit’s innovative and simple architecture offers truly unique performance.

The Spirit platform offers impressive versatility to serve the needs of scientific and industrial customers. The laser’s high average power (>16 W) and high repetition rate enable fast data acquisition in complex time resolved spectroscopy experiments. Pulse energy and repetition rate adjustability (single shot – 1 MHz) make the Spirit laser ideal for medical device manufacturing and femtosecond micromachining. The amplifier is optimized for one factory calibrated repetition rate between 400 kHz (40 µJ) and 1 Mhz (16 µJ).  This basic repetition rate can be chosen by the customer. Additional pre-set repetition rates are optional and can be configured in the factory during assembly upon request. The integrated pulse picker offers the possibility for fast pulse selection and power control by an analog input signal. This simplifies the integration of the laser and offers fast process throughput.

The optional, high efficiency Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) module enables the fabrication of smaller and more accurate structures. The fundamental and SHG output beams are collinear at the laser exit for easy integration and beam delivery. The end user can easily switch between the 1040 nm and 520 nm outputs by software.

Fully automated and computer controlled, Spirit is manufactured with high reliability and quality in mind. Spirit’s design is optimized for easy integration and for the superb power and beam pointing stability (typically <20 µrad for 100 hours) during 24/7 operation, ensuring high precision and reproducibility in every application.

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