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Spirit ps


  • Highest finesse for precision picosecond micromachining
  • Short 15 ps pulse width
  • Exceptional beam quality (M2 <1.2)
  • High stability (<1% rms over 100 hrs)

The Spirit® ps is an industrial picosecond laser for precision micromachining. The laser delivers the powerful combination of high finesse, high flexibility and proven reliability for demanding 24/7 applications. The laser is ideal for precision picosecond micromachining applications, such as manufacturing of semiconductors, LEDs, flat panel displays, and various thin film materials.

The Spirit ps laser produces a high finesse output with exceptional beam quality (M2 >1.2) and short pulse widths (15 ps). The laser has high stability in pointing and power (<1% rms over 100 hours). This precise output translates into high precision, consistent picosecond application results.

The laser’s high average power (>18 W) and high repetition rate (1 MHz) enable fast processing with high-speed scanners. The amplifier is optimized for one factory calibrated repetition rate between 100/200/400 kHz (50/45 µJ) and 1 MHz (5/10/18 µJ), depending on the laser model. This basic repetition rate can be chosen by the customer. Additional pre-set repetition rates are optional and can be configured in the factory during assembly on request. The integrated pulse picker offers the possibility for fast pulse selection and power control by an analog input signal. This simplifies the integration of the laser and offers fast process throughput.

The Spirit ps laser is based on the proven Spirit industrial ultrafast laser platform. Spirit is designed and manufactured for high reliability and quality. Thanks to its direct diode pumped technology developed by Spectra-Physics Rankweil, Spirit features a simple and high efficiency optical design. Fully automated and computer controlled, the Spirit laser ensures dependable, true turn-key day-to-day operation. With large quantities of deployed systems in demanding applications, this rugged product platform has demonstrated high reliability.