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  • Built and optimized for Spirit ultrafast laser
  • High repetition rate operation (up to 1 MHz)
  • Computer controlled operation

The Spirit™-OPA is an automated collinear optical parametric amplifier (OPA) specifically built and optimized for the Spirit® ultrafast laser. The turn-key, high repetition rate Spirit femtosecond laser combines with the widely tunable Spirit-OPA to create a powerful, user-friendly tunable source for high repetition rate ultrafast spectroscopy.

The OPA is pumped with the second harmonic of the Spirit laser output (520 nm) and produces signal and idler in the red-infrared range (630–2600 nm). To further enhance its wavelength tuning capabilities, Spirit-OPA can be equipped with an optional harmonics module. The result is straightforward access to a broad, gap-free wavelength range from UV to the mid IR (210 nm – 16 µm).

The Spirit-OPA can be factory optimized for a wide range of pump pulse energies (up to 40 µJ). This versatility allows for multiple configurations such as pumping a single OPA for maximum output energy or simultaneously pumping two or more OPAs for multi-beam, multi-color time resolved experiments.

With its high repetition rate (100 kHz and above) and µJ level pulse energy, the Spirit family complements Spectra-Physics’ kHz, multi-mJ class Spitfire® Ace™ and Solstice™ ultrafast amplifiers.