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Insight DS+


  • Field proven with largest installed base
  • Broadest tuning range: 680 nm to 1300 nm for deepest imaging
  • Short pulse width and highest peak power for maximum fluorescence

Spectra-Physics’ new InSight® DS+™ is the leading ultrafast laser system for deep, in vivo multiphoton microscopy with the largest installed base.

Based on patented technology1, the InSight DS+ features an unparalleled 680 nm to 1300 nm continuous, gap free tuning from a single source, nearly double the tuning range of legacy Ti-Sapphire ultrafast lasers. In particular, the InSight DS+ delivers substantially increased average and peak power levels at the long infrared wavelengths (>1 µm) for deepest in vivo imaging.

With Spectra-Physics’ integrated patented DeepSee™, the industry standard dispersion pre-compensator, the short sub-100 fs pulses are optimally delivered through a microscope to the sample for maximum fluorescence and penetration depth. InSight DS+ also has exceptional beam pointing stability, beam quality and output power stability, as well as fast wavelength tuning, making it ideal for microscopy.

When equipped with the dual output beam option, InSight DS+ fully supports the diverse needs of multimodal imaging. The two synchronized output beams enable easy simultaneous imaging of various fluorophores (for instance GFP/YFP and mCherry), SHG/THG imaging, and advanced imaging techniques such as CARS and SRS.

InSight DS+ is designed, manufactured and tested according to the same stringent quality standards as for our industrial lasers used in 24/7 manufacturing environments. Robust, and fully automated, InSight DS+ provides hands-off operation, freeing users to focus on their critical research.

1. The automated dispersion compensation technology in this product is protected by US patent number 7,962,046.