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Sealed, broad bandwidth
ultrafast Ti:Sapphire oscillators

  • Ultrashort pulses and MW-level peak power
  • Ultra low noise
  • Superior power stability
  • Hands-free operation; sealed cavity

Element™ is a single box, hands-free ultrafast oscillator which features state-of-the-art parameters and the highest stability commercially available. The femtosecond oscillator is based on a low threshold Ti:Sapphire cavity powered by an integrated Millennia® eV™ solid state green laser. Active feedback loops, in combination with the compact and robust design, enable output parameters of unprecedented quality, stability and reproducibility.

Element’s various models span a broad range of pulse durations (10–100 fs) and average powers up to 1.5 W. For applications that require parameters not covered by the standard versions, we will work with you on your custom-tailored system.

Ultrashort Pulses

Element employs the Femtolasers’ patented Dispersive Mirror (DM) technology for precise intracavity dispersion management. The addition of an Extra Cavity Dispersion Control (ECDC) unit guarantees high quality, outstanding peak power and true ultrafast pulses with extraordinary spectro-temporal characteristics for your application.

Stability and Reliability

Drawing on the compact and sturdy DM resonator, sealed cavity and active stabilization of system parameters, Element’s dispersion management is virtually insensitive to cavity alignment, resulting in excellent laser output stability and day-to-day reproducibility.

Element offers ultimate laser performance for everyday use in industrial, medical or scientific environment.