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Solstice Ace


  • Patented Ace regenerative amplifier cavity design
  • Configurable pulse widths
    from <35 fs to <120 fs
  • Configurable repetition rate, 1–10 kHz
  • Exceptional beam quality
    (M2 <1.25)

The Spectra-Physics® Solstice® Ace was the first femtosecond ultrafast amplifier designed, built and tested to meet rigorous industrial standards. Solstice Ace incorporates modular components, adjustment-free mounting hardware, and field proven pump and seed lasers. The result is an industry-leading, hands-free ultrafast light source for a wide range of ultrafast applications.

Industrial Architecture

Solstice Ace is capable of reliable operation over a ±5°C temperature range. Unlike traditional lasers that utilize standard optomechanics, Solstice Ace employs adjustment-free EternAlign™ optical mounts to maximize long-term stability and performance. The regenerative amplifier and the stretcher/compressor are housed in 2 independently temperature stabilized enclosures to ensure optimal reliability. With the Solstice Ace revolutionary design, both short term and long term stability are maximized.

Using Spectra-Physics’ patented Ace regenerative amplifier cavity, the Solstice Ace delivers >7 W at 1 kHz, >8 W at 5 kHz and >7 W at 10 kHz with pulse width configurations ranging from <35 fs to <120 fs. For every configuration of Solstice Ace, the beam quaity is exceptional (M2 <1.25) making it perfect for OPA pumping and a wide range of nonlinear spectroscopy applications.

Field Proven Mai Tai and Ascend Pump Lasers

The Solstice Ace amplifier can be configured for use with all versions of the fully automated Spectra-Physics Mai Tai® femtosecond oscillator providing additional flexibility and utility to your laboratory. With its ±10°C operating environment and industrial design, Mai Tai is the industry leader in stability and reliability.

Solstice Ace is pumped by the Ascend™ diode-pumped green laser. The Ascend design supports the system’s industry-leading energy stability (<0.5% rms for 24 hours), beam pointing stability (<0.5% rms for 24 hours), beam pointing stability (<5 µrad rms) and outstanding beam quality. The Solstice Ace, together with the Mai Tai and Ascend provides the most complete, most stable, hightest performaing one box amplifier package available.