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Explorer One HP


  • Highest power UV Explorer laser - exceeding 4 W at 355 nm
  • Lightweight – only 5 kg, air cooled design
  • Unique It's in the Box™ design – smaller than any competitive product

The Spectra-Physics Explorer® One HP extends the popular Explorer One and Explorer One XP Series to an exciting new level of output power. It incorporates the product family’s features such as the very compact air cooled design, short pulse width, high peak power and a feature rich software to satisfy our customer needs with benefits such as ease-of-use and handling, high process quality and short time to market in cost sensitive tools.

The Explorer One HP laser is available in the UV at 355 nm. It delivers more than 4 W of power at 100 kHz repetition rate. High flexibility is exemplified by the large range of pulse repetition frequency from single shot to 500 kHz.

The Explorer One HP is a rugged and durable industrial laser designed for longevity and long-term stability in 24/7 applications. Exceptional performance including short pulse width for minimum heat affected zone, unmatched pulse-to-pulse stability and superior beam quality makes this laser the perfect tool for precision manufacturing. The lasers’ very compact "It’s in the Box" design offers a single package solution that allows fast and low cost integration for machine tool builders especially when space is a limiting factor. The combination of high output power and air cooled design reduces complexity, thereby resulting in short product development cycles and fast return of investment for our customers.

Versatility and flexibility are realized by integrating advanced and value-added hardware and software elements such as E-Pulse™ pulse energy control, burst mode, on-demand auto-calibration and single pulse energy measurements up to 500 kHz. The new E-Track™ dynamic pulse energy control feature actively measures and controls the laser for continual energy and power stabilization even under rapidly changing operating set points or environments. E-Track enables "on-the-fly" adjustments and fast gating for precision micromachining applications such as scribing marking, and drilling of tiny features.

In addition the Explorer One HP’s output power is adjustable to optimize the laser performance to the application needs. The system can be operated using TTL and analog control signals. Real-time pulse energy values are available on the integrated analog port.