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versaScan L-532 OPOs


  • 532 nm pumped for high energies in the near IR
  • Highest efficiencies for hemoglobin absorption wavelengths
  • ScanMaster software for intuitive GUI interface

The Spectra-Physics® versaScan L-532 series of 532 nm pumped OPOs are a versatile family of OPOs speci cally designed to deliver high energies in the near IR region. This OPO family is well suited for biological applications such as photoacoustic imaging and other applications requiring high energies in the hemoglobin absorption regions.

The versaScan L-532 series OPOs are based on the Spectra-Physics Scan Series OPO designs. Broadband (BB), high energy double pumped (BB-HE), and midband (MB) models are available. Optional internal separation optics separate the signal wave from the idler wave. The OPOs can be automated through the use of a motorization option controlled by ScanMaster software. The MB models can be doubled with uvScan.

The OPOs are tailored for the long pulses of the Spectra-Physics Quanta-Ray® lasers to deliver the highest ef ciencies at the lowest uences. Any Quanta-Ray laser can be used as a pump for this family of OPOs, up to an industry leading 800 mJ at 532 nm, delivering the highest energy OPO output available. The MB version offers tunability to below 660 nm, making it the bluest green-pumped OPO on the market thus providing greater access to hemoglobin dye tags.

The versaScan L-532 OPO series offers the lowest pump thresholds on the market making them the most ef cient and robust OPOs available. Lower pump uences result in longer lifetimes of the internal components, especially the BBO crystal.

In addition, the BBO crystals are coated with a special “p-coating” – a layer that protects the crystal surface from degradation due to environmental effects. Because the versaScan L-532 OPO is simple to operate, training at installation is typically suf cient for customers with no laser experience to operate and maintain the OPO.