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primoScan OPO

Efficient High Energy Nanosecond OPOs

  • Fully integrated midband and broadband OPO
  • Highest UV efficiency in the market
  • Single output port available for entire tuning range
  • Widest tuning range 190–2750 nm

The Spectra-Physics® primoScan OPO series is the pinnacle of compact OPO design with integrated UV access from 190 nm to 2750 nm. This best-in-class fully automated OPO delivers the highest efficiencies and beam quality throughout the entire tuning range with repetition rates from 10 Hz to 50 Hz. The primoScan OPO comes standard with either high energy broadband (BB) or a midband ultra-low divergence (MB-ULD) option that delivers a low divergence round beam from the OPO. The primoScan OPO may be pumped by Spectra-Physics Quanta Ray® INDI, Lab and Pro Nd:YAG lasers with energies as high as 750 mJ, to deliver the highest output energy level available from a commercial OPO.

The primoScan OPO series offer the lowest pump thresholds on the market, making the most efficient and robust OPO platform available. Lower pump fluences result in longer lifetimes of the internal components, especially the BBO crystal. Moreover, the BBO crystals are coated with an advanced “p-coating” – a layer that protects the crystal surface from degradation due to environmental effects. The simple cavity design requires virtually no maintenance. The primoScan includes fast wavelength switching, allowing access to 10 pre-selectable wavelengths each second and the ability to easily access all tunable beams from one single port.