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FemtoOptics™ is the premier optics product line specifically optimized for femtosecond pulse manipulation. It consists of innovative, high-quality, easy-to-use, cutting-edge optical components and assemblies, with exceptional support and service for industrial and research applications across the world. FemtoOptics offers transmission optics designed for minimized material dispersion, AR-coatings with ultra-broad bandwidth and metallic mirrors combined with low dispersion dielectric over-coatings. Focusing optics and wave-plates are optimized both in terms of group delay dispersion and chromatic aberrations.

The core of the FemtoOptics product portfolio consists of a wide variety of dispersive mirror compressors, as well as custom optics specifically matched to your scientific or OEM application. Designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards, all of our high-end catalog optics are backed with a 12 month warranty. We provide detailed product data and all our optical components and assemblies are tested with our state-of-the-art ultrafast lasers and characterization tools. Due to our comprehensive optics stock, we provide rapid shipping on 95% of our catalog products.

For more information, please download the FemtoOptics catalog.

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Low dispersion broadband
800 nm optics
  • Low-dispersion Dielectric Mirrors (DM)
  • Dielectrically enhanced, low-GDD
    metallic mirrors
  • Wide range of ultra-broadband
    beam splitters
  • Thin windows
Optics for dispersion management
  • Dispersive mirrors tailored for
    varied pulse durations
  • Ultra-thin wedges for dispersion
    fine tuning
  • High-dispersion mirrors for
    nonlinear microscopy
Optics for nonlinear
and parametric sources
  • Broadband 400 nm optics
  • Components for the IR spectral
  • Components for the visible
    spectral range
  • Components for the deep UV
    spectral range
Optics for polarization management
  • Low-GDD achromatic wave-plates
  • Dispersion-minimized polarizers
  • Neutral attenuators